Permanent eyebrows:

Forget Diamonds ladies, eyebrows should be a girls best friend.

Permanent eyebrows are the most requested procedure at The Beauty Company and its what we do best. We can transform, enhance and replace eyebrows, using the latest techniques available.

Brow styles:

Ombré Brows are great for anyone who wants a soft and natural look. This method creates pixilated dots to mimic powder filled brows with no harsh front or outline. The design is 100% customisable to suit your personal requirements.

Soft pixilated powder brows - powder fill method is more like a traditional tattoo, and involves the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a colour and defined shape. This style of brow is perfect if your prefer a more glamorous, bold finish. The technique is still very natural and can be styled to your personal requirements.


Soft pixilated powder brow - £250 incl 4-6 week colour boost

Ombre Brow - £250 incl 4-6 week colour boost

4-8 week top treatment is included in the prices above.
Corrections: price upon consultation.

Eyebrow maintenance

Regular maintenance on your brows will be required to keep your brows looking their very best and we recommend that this may be required between 3-12 months.

Top ups:

6-9 months £75

9-12 months - £110

12 months plus £180

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