Permanent make up (also known as  Micro pigmentation, Micro-Blading, Semi-Permanent Make Up) is a form of cosmetic tattooing that can provide clients with lasting results. Areas such as eyebrows, lips and eyeliner are most commonly treated.

Permanent makeup is a great alternative for conventional makeup and will most definitely provide you with fuss free and affordable way to wear makeup each and everyday. The treatment is completely safe. Results are natural and in some cases can last up-to 12 months before a top up is required.

How Does it Work?

Essentially a form of of tattooing, using specially formulated hypo-allergenic pigments that are inserted in to the dermal layer of the skin, lasting up-to 12 months. Over time the design will gradually fade away and a top up treatment may be required.

Our skilled and experienced technician will guide you through a thorough consultation process, to ensure you leave with the best information on how to look after and get the very best from your makeup. Designs are very natural and are ideal for enhancing your natural beauty and we will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you desire.

What permanent makeup treatments do you offer? 



What should I expect during the treatment?

Following a thorough consultation, a practitioner will guide you through the treatment and answer any questions you may have. The treatment is very comfortable and a topical anaesthetic is generally used to help manage patient comfort.

Who will carry out the treatment?

The treatment is carried out by Samantha. Samantha is a highly skilled PMU practitioner with over 16 years experience in the beauty industry. She has over 200 loyal permanent makeup clients on her books.

How many treatments will I need?

A general the treatment plan consists of two treatments 4-8 weeks apart in order to get the final result, with further refreshers every 6-12 months.

Is the result natural?

The results are very natural and we work with each individual to get the best result for them personally. We offer a range of designs from soft powder for a more glamorous finish or super natural hair-strokes for the most natural look.

How soon after the treatment will I see the results?

You can expect to see results immediately and they can last anywhere between 6-12 months before any further maintenance work is required. You may experience slight swelling, redness , but with the correct aftercare this should settle after 24 hours. No recovery time is required for this treatment and you may resume to normal activity after receiving PMU treatments. The technician will provide you with appropriate aftercare to undertake at home, to ensure the very best result.