Beginners guide to microblading.

Are you considering embarking on a microblading course, but unsure where to start and what pre-requisites are required? Or most importantly you may be confused by which training school is the best!

Embarking onto a microblading course can be a very daunting process, a process that is often filled with a mix of excitement and nerves. A lot of students are completely new to the industry, with little to no experience, having never shaped or plucked an eyebrow.

Things to look for when booking a microblading course:

  • What standard of work is your trainer producing? – check that the trainers work good, do they have positive reviews and a portfolio.
  • Is the qualification recognised? – does the course carry correct accreditation’s.
  • How long is the course? – the course needs to be longer than two days. A course that requires completion of case studies is a positive sign.
  • Do you have opportunity to practice on live models? – this is crucial for your development and confidence.
  • Is there support available during and after the course? – does the course provide you with access to sufficient support during and after training.

All of our training is fully recognised and supported by ABT, so you can be sure to get the correct insurances upon successful completion of our courses. Our trainers have a wealth of experience and also run successful clinics alongside training. Furthermore all of our students have access to a private support hub, where they have access to tips, the latest industry innovations and developments, share ideas/work, and receive unlimited support form their trainer.

You must remember that microblading is an art form and takes more than just attending a short course, it is a process and journey and takes months or sometimes years to master. You have to be very realistic and patient with yourself. A course that runs over two days or less, in my book is not sufficient enough. A lot of our students are complete beginners when they start with us, with no experience or insight into the industry. We pride ourselves on being able to give our students unlimited support throughout their training, so that they never feel alone and should they come across any issues, we are there to provide support and guidance where needed.

If you are considering enrolling onto a microblading course and unsure where to start, you can contact us for more information via:


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